Update on Tractor Trailer Accident

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One man is dead after the tractor trailer he was driving flipped over on Route 250 in Augusta County, Friday.

The tractor trailer, which was hauling turkey pellets, was traveling up the mountain when the driver lost control.

Virginia State Police Trooper K.L. Hyden says, "He started to break and skid, and as a result, he started to overturn in the curb. The tractor portion of the tractor trailer struck the rock wall and crushed the driver inside the truck."

Hyden says, looking at the skid marks, speed was likely a factor. The speed a tractor trailer must use to go around a curve is much different than a car.

Hyden adds, "Speed for a tractor trailer is not always an excessive amount of speed. I'm saying probably no more than 25 miles per hour is what this truck was doing when he came around the curve. But it's such a sharp curve that the safe speed for that curve is probably no more than ten to 15 miles an hour."

There was only other passenger inside the cab with the driver was a toddler in a child seat. The child survived thanks to a safety belt.

Hyden concludes, "There was a two to three-year-old toddler who was removed from the vehicle who was in a seat belt who was transported to the Augusta Medical Center in Fishersville at the time with unknown injuries."

He says it's not uncommon for truck drivers to take their families with them on trips across the country. Officials now have the job of locating the relatives of that two-year-old child.