Coworkers Mourn Trucker's Death

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A Valley man is dead after the tractor trailer he was driving flipped over on Route 250 in August County Friday. Now the friends and family of Jarret Kyger are mourning his loss.

Kyger lost his life in an accident Friday morning along route 250 in Augusta County. His two-year-old nephew was in the truck with Kyger, but he only suffered minor injuries.

Edna Bazzle's family operates J.E. Bazzle and Sons trucking company.

She says, "Jarret was a nice person. We all liked him. He was a hard work and he was there all the time, and everybody liked him."

Kyger had been a driver for a number of years but was also a close friend of the Bazzle family. He was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident, and it's believed speed may have been a factor due to the sharp curves along Shenandoah Mountain.

In the meantime, those who were closest to him say they will remember his spirit and are thankful that two lives were not lost.