Video from Inside Louisa County High School as Quake Hits

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August 31, 2011

Video has been released giving you an inside look at what happened at Louisa County High School at the time of the earthquake. The video was taken by security cameras.

In the video you see ceiling tiles falling and light fixtures barely hanging on. Louisa County School Superintendent Deborah Petit is also pictured in the video directing students to evacuate quickly.

Louisa County High Principal Tom Smith was with Superintendent Petit when the earthquake struck. "We were visiting a Spanish class when we felt it. It was small at first but then it became more and more powerful."

Smith also helped evacuate the students. He says, his main concern is student safety. However, the Louisa County High School building is closed for the rest of the year due the earthquake damage.

The daunting task of moving began Wednesday as faculty removed desks and teaching materials from the high school to be brought to the middle school. Faculty say the move to the middle school is a difficult and emotional one.

"For those of us who have been in the community for years, it's like you lost a major part of you. It's something that's been ripped away, but at the same time, we're a comeback community," said Deborah Coles, High School Assistant Principal.

A comeback that will make everyone in Louisa stronger than ever.