Hershey's Offering Jobs

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After several recent layoffs around the Valley, one company was making some pretty sweet job offers. The Hershey's Company started taking applications for jobs at its Stuarts Draft plant Wednesday.

The job offering comes as the city of Waynesboro is experiencing a higher unemployment percentage than the national average, which is 7.1 percent. Some job seekers say they waited close to 12-hours to be seen.

"It's critical for me to get a job right now, because I just got laid off last month. It's pretty tough. Even fast food joints are cutting back on their hours," says Waynesboro resident Blake Lam, who was there to apply.

Jacob Cabeleo is also looking to get back to work, and he says the economy hasn't made it easy.

"In the past it hasn't been too bad with the economy the way it is, now, it's real bad," says Cabeleo.

He also says he was laid off two months ago from the Mundy company, a contractor for Invista that laid off hundreds last year.

The job offering couldn't come at a better time for folks in the city of Waynesboro. Just last month Mohawk Industries announced they would be releasing more than 70 workers.

With Waynesboro experiencing a 15-year high in unemployment, many people are hoping the Hershey's company, can offer them sweet success. The company has not confirmed how many positions they are offering.

It's estimated more than 1,000 applications were taken Wednesday and more applications will be accepted through Friday.