New Development on Tax Reassessments

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There are new developments in an ongoing debate about tax reassessments in Augusta County.

The Blue Ridge Mass Appraisal Company says Tuesday it did nothing wrong in its appraisals and has the figures to prove it.

Using January 2009 home sales as proof, the company says the Augusta County Board of Supervisors should not ignore their property assessments.

It is the property value assessments on houses in Augusta County that have caused such controversy in recent months. Still Blue Ridge is saying it is in the clear.

Augusta County resident David Fisher is heading to the Augusta County Government Center to complain, because his property value has gone up 113 percent.

"Tax payers and folks in Augusta County aren't stupid," says Fisher.

The appraisal company is pointing at January 2009 figures that show 26 of 33 home sales that sold above the amount at which the homes were appraised.

"What I'm saying is that these additional sales further verify and confirm the validity of the assessments we put in place," says David Hickey, owner of the appraisal company.

However, on the other side of the table, Attorney Francis Chester, who is behind the recent petition to the board of supervisors, says he doesn't buy the 26 home sales.

"You know anybody can come along out of the blue and say, 'Oh, I love this place! I'll even give you $10,000 more!' That's the way we judge properties? That's not the way we judge properties," exclaims Chester.

Hickey doesn't agree with Chester's stance.

"He's a fool and he doesn't know what he's talking about," adds Hickey.

Still, the Augusta County Assessor co-chair, Walter Brown, sees a middle ground as things stand.

"This is a fair assessment, as far as the numbers we have and the numbers we have to work with," says Brown.

As the controversy moves forward, Fisher is still fighting for what he believes his property is worth.

"There's going to be a public outcry here in the county and many of the folks in charge are going to lose their job," says Fisher.

The petition will be turned into the courthouse March 11.