Three Accidents on 250 Within Minutes

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There were three accidents within minutes of each other on Route 250 in Churchville Thursday morning.

Tony Jones of Woodstock was the driver of a white Toyota pick-up truck. He tried to avoid the first accident on 250 near Route 629.

Jones says he was driving at least ten miles below the speed limit due to slick road conditions. He says he slowed down to avoid the first of three accidents, lost control of his car, and slid off the road into a tree. The third crash occurred shortly after Jones' single-car wreck.

According to Jones, the roads were sheeted with black ice in the mountainous area. The tow truck operator who came to tow Jones' car agreed that the roads were very slippery. They both say the roads had not been treated during the early morning hours.

Jones says Virginia Department of Transportation's salt trucks appeared about a half hour after the three accidents occurred.

State Police Trooper W.H. Reid was the officer on duty and he says the roads had not been treated early this morning. He says the rain, cold weather, and shade caused slick road conditions.