Outbreak of Flu at Stuarts Draft Schools

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Each day this week, almost 80 students a day have been reported absent with flu symptoms at Stuarts Draft Middle and High schools.

The county nurse says an outbreak has now been reported in the area and officials are taking appropriate actions in cleaning the schools.

None of cases at either school has been confirmed as H1N1.

Officials say the test is extremely expensive, but students with a sore throat, body aches and a cough are being asked to stay at home.

Stuarts Draft High School Principal Donna Abernathy says, "We've had a few, probably more than normal this week, but it's just kind of been our turn in the Stuart's Draft area with the number of absences, but we are doing the best we can and we'll be OK."

The county nurse says she believes cases of the flu are now on the decline at Stuarts Draft.

All students who are absent because of the flu are excused with a doctors note and will be allowed to make up their work.