Student in Online Video is Not Missing Woman

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On Tuesday, Virginia State Police confirmed the video and pictures thought to show Morgan Harrington before her disappearance October 17, actually show James Madison University sophomore Dee Spolarics. Spolarics says this case of mistaken identity is opening up a world of similarities between herself and the missing student.

When Spolarics bought a ticket to the concert, she had no idea just how small her world was about to become.

Spolarics, her boyfriend and three other guys went to the concert and say it was a great crowd. Afterward, they tried to meet up with friends, seated in another part of the arena. Those friends were mutual friends of Spolarics and Morgan Harrington.

"We call and [our friend] is like, 'We're actually missing somebody,' one of the people she was with, and they're like, 'We don't know what happened to her. She said she was getting a ride home, so we guess she's fine,' but so we're like OK, we didn't think anything of it and they went home," says Spolarics.

More than a week later, those trying to find Harrington spotted a blond woman in video posted online and made a connection. Spolarics says she's the one in the video and police agree.

"I thought I would say 'oh that's not me' and it would be over, but people were coming up with theories," says Spolarics.

Spolarics and Harrington are both average height, blond, college-aged women. The night of the concert they were both wearing black shirts, black mini-skirts and black boots.

"I can definitely see people who didn't know, who wanted it to be Morgan, I wish it was her and not me," says Spolarics.