Rosetta Stone Holds First 'Game Jam' Competition

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It may be the weekend, but Rosetta Stone is full of a group of gamers hard at work.

"The competition is to see who develops a game that provides educational content, kind of wow factors, software quality and craftsmanship," says Mike Corns, Director of Software Development at Rosetta Stone in Harrisonburg.

Corns has been spending the day at their first ever Game Jam.

"What we've been seeing from these teams a lot is kind of bleary-eyed guys wandering back and forth grabbing food," says Corns.

One of the competitors is William Miller.

"Slept probably six hours right after we got settled in yesterday, and that's the last sleep we've gotten so far," says Miller.

Miller and his two teammates are creating a game about viruses in the human body.

"It's a 3-D game. So you are the virus, and you infect cells and you sort of spread your presence throughout the level," says Miller.

By Sunday morning, judges will need to see full, working video games from the teams.

"With the teamwork and straight through 36 hours of talented folks like are here at this competition, they can produce some good stuff," says Corns.

Miller, who makes video games for a living, says this Game Jam is a great opportunity.

"Yeah, it's neat to see, to meet other people that are making games. Like we work with the same people everyday. It's good to see new faces and network," says Miller.

With a deadline of 9 a.m. Sunday, sleep may be out of the question.

"We've got to pull some disparate parts of the game together and sort of bring it into a whole and polish. So it'll be a long night," says Miller.

A panel of judges from Rosetta Stone will look at all of the teams' video games at the end of the competition Sunday.

The winning team's game will then be put on Rosetta Stone's Website.