Staunton, Waynesboro and Augusta County Drug Seizures in 2009

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Staunton, Augusta County and Waynesboro's Drug Task Force Unit released its numbers for drug seizures in 2009.

The amount of methamphetamine seizured was down from 2,697.2 grams in 2008 to 1,850.8 grams in 2009.

Crack seizures were down from 2008, with 277 grams seized in 2008 compared to only 80.8 grams in 2009.

Marijuana seizures were also down from 9,163.4 grams in 2008 to 8,078.5 grams in 2009.

In Augusta County, seizures were down from 66 cases in 2008 to only 64 cases in 2009.

Staunton's numbers were down as well from 57 cases in 2008 to only 49 cases in 2009.

Waynesboro saw a significant decrease from 123 cases in 2008 to only 43 cases in 2009.

In 2009, Augusta County officers seized almost $900,000 worth of drugs

While numbers in Augusta County are down, drug task force officers in Harrisonburg say that these drugs do not have borders.

Supervisory Special Agent Tom Murphy says, "We've seen a rise in that of cocaine, ecstasy, and that's typically college age individuals and even high school age individuals, unfortunately, in the past year."

Augusta County's Drug Task Force arrested 259 people in 2009 compared with Rockingham and Harrisonburg's 192 arrests, but officials say these numbers often carry over from year to year.