Augusta County Board Hears Atlantic Coast Pipeline Proposal

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Augusta County (WHSV) -- An updated look at the pipeline project proposed for part of the Shenandoah Valley.

Leaders in Augusta County listened to a presentation from a group claiming they can empower the Board of Supervisors through Coordination. The proposal was presented by the president of "Coordination America," Joe Guarino.

He says coordination is a process that helps relieve local governments of burdensome federal regulations. In this case, it could give the county government the power to block the pipeline if it's not a part of their "local plans."

"They have an opportunity to basically take control of this project in terms of having their plans be the controlling factor here. If the county desires to move forward and bring them to the table through coordination, the federal agencies will have to listen to what the county desires," Guarino said.

The county leaders now have to decide if they want to pursue coordination.