Cattle Farmers Say American Beef is Safe to Eat

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Mad cow disease is fatal for cattle but it also can be fatal for humans.

A single case in Calfornia earlier this week put the cattle industry front and center and local farmers are saying it is getting blown out of proportion.

"They don't realize the amount of money they are taking out of every farmers pocket,” said Mark Hamilton, a beef cattle farmer. “And we are out here trying to feed this country."

That was the sentiment at a cattle sale in Harrisonburg.

Mad cow disease is again in the news for a single case that did not enter the food chain and local farmers are worried it will affect their bottom line.

They said this case shows that the cattle in this country are safe to eat.

"There has never been a human that contracted mad cow disease in the United States. And the biggest reason that is, is that we don't eat the brains. And that's how most was transmitted when it was in England."

It is not just brains, but also eating the nervous system and spine that can lead to mad cow disease.

All of which are banned from entering the food chain and have been for sometime.

The practices in place to prevent mad cow are working. In 1992, there were 37,000 case worldwide but in 2011 there were only 29 cases.