Breaking Down the Cost to Rename Cantrell Avenue

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) -- The City of Harrisonburg invested $26,000 to replace the Cantrell Avenue signs with the new Martin Luther King Jr., Way signs and some neighbors said it was too much.

The city said it cost $13,500 to make the signs and to pay for the installation materials and supplies.

Nearly $12,500 was used for labor, equipment and traffic control.

However, Harrisonburg Vice Mayor Charles Chenault said the $26,000 was a cost the city would have to pay for regardless as the Cantrell Avenue signs did not comply with new federal regulations.

"Right now it is because we are changing it to Martin Luther King Junior [Way]. But these signs may have been scheduled for update and replacement three years from now. So three years from now. We would be paying to update the Cantrell Street signs," said Chenault.

Michael Maly doesn't live in Harrisonburg, but he drives on Martin Luther King Jr., Way six days a week and said the numbers just don't add up.

"I also feel there is plenty of other things that the money could have been spent on, including all the homeless people that you see walking around in town. They need to eat and be sheltered to spend all that money on signs," said Maly.

"Anytime you memorialize somebody at the city or governmental level, there are going to be costs associated with it," said Chenault.

He said the amount spent on the changes nearly $10,000 less of what a new police cruiser would cost.

The money comes from the general fund, which is taxpayer money, and the project was included in this year's budget.