Bridgewater College to Conduct Energy Audit

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Bridgewater College will undergo an energy audit this fall to evaluate how energy is used on every building on campus.

Part of the $225,000 cost of the audit will be paid for with a $150,000 grant the college received from the DuPont Fund.

Bridgewater reports that 80% of its buildings are at least 50 years old and that 25% of structures use 65% of the total energy use for the campus.

Executive Director of Facilities Teshome Molalenge says the energy audit will allow the college to prioritize it's energy uses and also save money while becoming more sustainable.

"It will give us an opportunity to reduce our utility and operating costs and use those savings either for renewable energy or even to support other energy projects on campus," Molalenge explained.

The energy audit is expected to begin October 1st and take four months to complete.