Carnival De Resistance Comes to Harrisonburg

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HARRISONBURG, Va. -- The Carnival De Resistance is coming to Harrisonburg.

It's a group of more than 20 artists and activists who focus on environmental justice and theology.

Eastern Mennonite University is a part of the event.

People with the carnival have been sleeping on the lawn of Trinity Presbyterian Church for ten days.

At Eastern Mennonite University, they will be guest teaching at classes and also painting a mural.

Grassroots groups involved include Our community Place.

Heidi Winters Vogel, who teaches Theater at EMU, said it's all meant to be lighthearted with a different approach to environmentalism.

That approach is positive, as opposed to negative, according to Winters.

"We have to stop doing this we have to give this up. And their goal is to come in with a positive message. This is what we get to do we can have fun, we can make different choices that are good and positive as opposed to you know, the school teacher lecturing us about you know, turn off the lights or you know, drive less, that kind of thing," said Vogel.

For a full list of events, click on the Find It tab and look for Carnival De Resistance.

The event is free, but organizers will also be accepting donations.