McAuliffe Gathers Valley Input for a Clean Energy Plan

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV)-- Governor Terry Mcauliffe's administration is going around the Commonwealth to gather public input on producing a new energy plan. His aim is to have neighbors share their clean energy goals so he can develop a framework for the plan.

Many clean energy focused organizations, such as Appalachian Voices, shared how energy sources could be used to help businesses and homeowners save money at the public 'listening session'.

"The most cost-effective clean energy option is going to be energy efficiency. So these are measures to make homes and businesses more energy efficient, to limit wasted energy, which we understand is a really big problem in Virginia. Other pollution-free sources would be large scale wind, distributed solar," said Hannah Wiegard, the Campaign Coordinator at Appalachian Voices.

The governor will continue to travel throughout the Commonwealth this summer and gather more clean energy input from community members.

The release date for the plan is October 1.