Cold Case Investigation in Harrisonburg Resurfaces

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It's been nearly 30 years since a Harrisonburg woman went missing from a local gas station she was working at on South Main Street.

Kelly Bergh Dove was just 20 years old when her family says she was abducted.

"I often wonder what kind of torture she went through, but those are probably my worst moments," said Rachel Berg fighting back tears.

Monday is the anniversary of her disappearance.

Her mother, Rachel Bergh, traveled from North Carolina to take a DNA test so that in the event her daughter's body is found, investigators will be able to make a perfect match.

Kelly worked third shift at Imperial gas station. It has since been torn down for construction of a new roadway.

"At that time I felt someone had come in to rob the store and had come in and maybe taken her and was going to dump her out someplace, said Rachel Bergh.

"There's never any answers, so after the years go by you try not to dwell on it," said Elaine Bergh, Kelly's sister.

Rachel says Kelly called 911 three times from a pay phone located inside the store. Rachel says her daughter had to come from around the counter to get to the phone near the front of the store.

The first call came in after midnight when Kelly told police she was receiving obscene phone calls.

She then asked if police could come keep her safe.

A short time later, Kelly called police again, this time saying a man came into the store and was quote "dressed improperly."
Rachel says her daughter could have meant that the man may have exposed himself.

The third call, Rachel says Kelly sounded frightened on the 911 recording.

"She said will you please hurry, he's driving up in the parking lot in a silver Ford," said Rachel Bergh.

That was the only clue in her daughters disappearance.

Kelly's family wonders why it took three 911 calls before an officer was dispatched.

The family also says the night Kelly went missing, officers didn't close the store or test for any fingerprints inside the store.

"There's somebody that knows something. There's got to be someone out there that knows something and they're just afraid to come forward," said Elaine Bergh.

The Berghs say anyone can make an anonymous call to police if they have any information in Kelly's disappearance. Rachel says after nearly 30 years of not knowing, she's accepted the fact that Kelly could be dead.

"I guess it's a mother's intuition, a mother's feeling. She was dead, and it's an awful feeling to have as a mother," said Rachel Bergh.

Kelly also has a daughter, who was only four years old when she disappeared.

Rachel Bergh will be 72 years old in July, and says she's still hoping for closure, hoping investigators find a body, and hoping you can provide police with any tips that may lead to an arrest.

The family is also hoping that when the road construction is complete, a memorial sign can be placed somewhere along the road. They say it's a way to help keep her memory alive.