Delegate Tours Valley Business Benefiting from Grant

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VERONA, Va. (WHSV) -- Virginia delegate Steve Landes toured one of the newer businesses in the Valley on Tuesday to see how it was putting a recent grant to use.

He walked around the Shamrock Foods-Dairy Division. The plant opened about a year ago in Augusta County.

The plant received about $50,000 from the Agriculture and Forestry Industries Development Fund Facility Grant, AFID. The funds helped the company hire 55 employees, with 60 being the end goal.

The grant's purpose is to promote and expand existing farm or agricultural farm operations.

"The very first time we actually had a economic development grant that impacted or benefited agriculture and forestry. Before, we never had a state grant program that had done that, so obviously again agriculture and forestry are so important; not only to Augusta and Rockingham, but the entire Commonwealth of Virginia," said Landes.

This grant helps businesses all across the state, it has awarded $2.6 millions to various companies across Virginia.