Farmers Market Closes Indefinitely

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MOUNT JACKSON -- The Mount Jackson Farmers Market is closing because of problems with its zoning permit. The problem is where the market happens, in the parking lot.

According to town code, any business must have a paved parking lot and right now the lot is gravel.

The owner of the lot, Gerald Forsburg, said the cost of paving the lot is too expensive. He expects to have to pay close to $20,000 to upgrade it.

“Small businesses and doing business in 2013 is not what it was 10 years ago when lending practices were much different and money was much easier to get a hold of,” said Forsburg.

Forsburg said he's not trying to get an exemption to the town code for the farmers market. He just wants to have little more time to get the money to pave the parking lot.

He hopes the market will be able to open again.