General Assembly to Address Selling Sweets in Schools

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) -- A bill proposed in the General Assembly may change how sweets are sold in schools across the state.

In an effort to fight obesity, federal law prevents schools from selling foods that don't meet specific guidelines during school hours.

A bill introduced by Virginia Delegate Dickie Bell, who represents parts of the Valley, could allow schools to ease those restrictions.

Supporters of the bill argue that many schools in Virginia rely on money earned from bake sales to pay for extracurricular activities, such as class trips or certain uniforms.

Since this new law went into effect, many school leaders say profits from bake sales are down because most students are not interested in purchasing the healthier options the bake sales are forced to offer.

Nicolette Myers, a Rockingham County mother, believes the bill should have never been put in place.

"I don't know that it's the government's place to put a restriction on what my child eats. I do think that it was good intentions when they did it, but I have a picky eater and I want him to eat and I'm having to pack his lunch because he's not always going to eat the 'healthy' foods that they serve. I would agree with loosening it up within reason," explained Myers.

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