Harrisonburg City Plows Clean Snow Quickly After Storm

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Harrisonburg city crews are still cleaning up the snow from Wednesday's storm.

Many people in town say the crews did a good job cleaning the roads quickly after the storm.

Jim Baker, the director of the Public Works Department in Harrisonburg, says the snow was difficult to plow because it was wet and heavy. He says it was nice, though, that it didn't get too cold Wednesday night, so they didn't have to deal with too much ice.

Baker says the city plow drivers worked long shifts to make sure the roads were clean.

He says those drivers, along with some contractors, were well prepared for this storm.

"All of them worked really well together as a team," said Baker. "We had a lot of pre-planning each year, in the fall we do pre-plans. Everybody followed their plan and they did a really good job."

Baker says crews are still cleaning some intersections and sidewalks Thursday night.

He also says if you haven't cleaned the snow from the sidewalk in front of your house, you should do that as soon as possible.