Harrisonburg Does Not Plan on Privatizing Golf Course

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HARRISONBURG -- Golfers may consider other courses to tee off from if the City of Harrisonburg would move or sell its golf course.

Joshua Huffman of the Harrisonburg Tea Party said the course is a waste of taxpayer money and it's not a business the city should be a part of.

"It has been constantly losing money, pretty much since the day it was put in. But also the issue is, should the city be running a golf course?" said Huffman.

Harrisonburg Parks and Recreation Director Lee Forester doesn't think privatizing the course would do anything.

"Its not always the solution that would makes things work better," said Forester.

Harrisonburg City Council member Kai Degner said the city hasn't even thought about it.

"There's no conversation right now about privatizing the golf course," said Degner.

The course has seen an increase of income for the over the past few years. The income last year from the course was up $20,000 from the year before. It brought in more than $697,000.

One of the main reasons why the Heritage Oaks Golf Course has lost money in the past is because there are many other courses in the area. It's the biggest revenue generator for the parks department.

Degner understands that the city is losing money.

"We lose money on lots of things in the city that we see as investments for the quality of life in the community," said Degner.

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