JMU Student Starts Cupcake Business to Avoid Unemployment After College

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To avoid unemployment, one James Madison University student is taking matters into her own hands and starting her own business.

Pumpkin spice, chocolate-chip cookie dough, and simply chocolate were all different cupcakes at the Cupcakes For a Good Cause competition in Harrisonburg

Thirteen bakers were competing in the contest to raise money for lung cancer. Some were professionals, and others, like Kelly Bragg, are just amateur bakers.

"You know I look at a company like Carly Cakes or The Cupcake Company and they're their own bosses, I love that idea. I'd love to be my own boss and to just bake," said Bragg, a James Madison University senior.

Bragg is a sports journalism major, but she says baking is her back-up plan if it's tough to get a job after college.

"If I could just open my own business right out of college and be able to support myself in case the economy doesn't improve by then," said Bragg.

She's already kick-started her baking business by creating her own website.

"I mean when you go to apply for a job you can say I've done this, this, and this, and you can go look at it online," said Bragg.

Her website is getting her name out there and already bringing in some customers.

"I just got an order for a 35-person cake that I'm gona do at home, so it's pretty small, but it's still cool, it's a good way to start," said Bragg.

A good way to start her own job that she actually enjoys.

"I mean it's something I love, so it's kind of a win-win," said Bragg.

Bragg went on to with the best chocolate cupcake at the contest.