Local Cooling Centers Set Up Ahead of Storm

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WEYERS CAVE -- On Thursday, cooling centers were set up all around Augusta County ahead of severe storms expected later on in the day.

Six stations were designated as spots, including the Weyers Cave Fire Department.

Throughout Thursday morning, crews checked all trucks and emergency resources to make sure everything was in working order.

As a cooling center, Fire & Rescue members made sure a generator was ready and water bottles were on hand, if needed.

Also, extra staff was put on-call if the storm knocked out power and caused damage.

Crews said lessons were learned the last time similar weather hit the Shenandoah Valley.

"Last time there really was no warning. It hit pretty quickly. We had an abundance of calls and it was at night," explained Captain Greg Schacht of the Augusta County Fire & Rescue team. "We're just trying to be ahead of the game this time because last time it snuck up on everyone. We just want to be ahead of the game this time and be more prepared."

Other cooling center locations have been set up at the following locations:
* Verona Fire Dept.
* Craigsville Fire Dept.
* Dooms Fire Dept.
* Mount Solon Fire Dept.
* Swoope Volunteer Fire Dept.