Louisa County High School Building Demolished After Earthquake

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As many remember the magnitude 5.8 earthquake that started in Louisa County on Aug. 23, 2011, it left a major mark for students at the high school.

Around two-thirds of the Louisa County High School building had a tremendous amount of cracking and walls that separated from the floors.

The repairs would have been more than $20 million.

The building is being demolished and replaced, which will cost around $42 million.

Students in Louisa County are going to school at a modular high school for the time being.

Katie Giusto, a senior at Louisa County High School, said it is hard to think the place where she thought she would spend her last year isn't going to be there anymore, and does not want to see it turn into a big, empty space.

Giusto said she is still trying to get used to her new classrooms, and misses seeing the memories in her old high school like the pictures and trophies.

She remembers every detail of the tragic day that changed the way she thought she'd spend her last years in high school.

"I just remember being in the science room - one of the worst places you could be, because there's so much glass shattering around you. I remember the ceiling tiles coming down in the back of the classroom. Luckily, there were only 12 of us, and we only sat in the front of the classroom," said Giusto.

Students said graduation will not be the same this year, but they will be taking a brick from their old high school as a memory.