One Family is Turning to a Website to Fund their Dream

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A Mount Jackson family is doing their part to work hard and be a good neighbor to the community. They are trying to get a farmer's market off the ground that would really put the town on the map. It has not been an easy road so far.

Gerald and Tara Forsburg continue to pursue their dream of seeing a thriving farmer's market in Mount Jackson. Their goal is to build the community's economy.

"Six or seven years ago, I looked at the property. The building is in the historic district. It's a very interesting, old feed store. It had the potential to be such a community asset," said the owner of Mt Jackson Farmer's Market, Gerald Forsburg.

One neighbor, who manages an art gallery, would love to see the project become a reality.

"It would put Mount Jackson on the map. There isn't really anything out there like that. It would bring a lot of visitors the area," said the president of Mt Jackson Art Gallery, Nancy Lavello.

The farmer's market would be both indoor and outdoor. It could even stretch beyond just a market. Gerald could see it also hosting a coffee shop or a pub.

"The big goals for the project is to have affordable spaces for vendors. And an affordable place for farmers," said Gerald.

Tara Forsburg said she love the diverse vendors that have a chance to show off their talents.

"They have found a way to have their own cottage industries, whether it's baking bread or raising a wonderful organic garden," said Market Manager Tara.

One of the biggest expenses in getting this farmer's market up and running is replacing this gravel lot with pavement. It's a town requirement that each piece of gravel is removed. The property also requires a lot of work.

Through a website called Kick-Starter, the Forsburgs were able to get people involved with the fundraising. The money that people pledge, however, will only go to the Forsburgs if they reach their $25,000 goal in the next 26 days.

"What's really exciting is our project, is that the pledges that come in, even a 5 dollar pledge, it gives back to the community three fold."

The owners have a fundraising goal to hit by the end of the month.