Police Kill Dying Cat, Resident Upset

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A Harrisonburg resident says a cat's death was anything but quick and painless, after it was struck by a vehicle. Now, he wants police held responsible.

"Shocking," is how Wayne Meadows describes the way a Harrisonburg police officer killed a cat he rescued from the side of the road. He says the officer beat the cat to death with his night stick.

"I was a wreck at that point. I mean I was completely in shock. I didn't know what to do, I didn't know what to say," Wayne says.

Wayne said he had to call police because local vets and animal services were closed since it was late at night on Friday, November 11th. He tried to comfort the cat until the officer arrived.

They discussed what to do, and when the officer offered to put the cat out of its misery, using a night stick was the last thing Wayne expected.

"I went inside expecting a gun shot and then I heard it happening on my front porch. I heard at least 15-20 hits," Wayne says.

The officer removed the body, but he had to clean the rest.

"It was nasty to say the least. I was sick to my stomach the whole time doing it. I tried to wash it off as best as I could," Wayne says.

The officer told him to contact police because of damage to the house. There are stains and smashed siding around the porch. Wayne did contact police, but says they didn't get back to him. However, the department offered WHSV this statement saying they did receive the complaint.

"An internal investigation was conducted into this matter and appropriate action has been taken internally. In addition, the department continues to review the current procedures in handling animal complaints is to determine if any changes or modifications need to be made."

Wayne says he was so shocked to act at the time, but hopes this never happens again.

"The only thing I wished I had done differently is as soon as I saw that nightstick I would've ran out and stopped him. That's what I wished I would have done," Wayne says.

Harrisonburg police did not say whether or not they contacted Wayne after the fact. He says he has tried several times to complain, and as of Monday night, he has not heard back.