Raising Poison Awareness

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The dangers of legal substances like Spice and Bath Salts have become more and more prominent.

Wanda Willis, with the Harrisonburg Fire Department, says letting kids know the danger of household chemicals can save their life.

She says it's important to instill in children, at a young age, that just because a product is legal, doesn't make it less dangerous.

Whether accidental or intentional, Willis says some chemicals are so strong that one puff could have long-term, serious effects on a child's development.

"One of the things with inhalants that kids are trying these days is they've talked to their friends who have tried it, and they say it's safe," says Willis. "It's not safe!"

The Virginia General Assembly has passed legislation to outlaw Bath Salts and Spice.

However, Willis says raising awareness about those and other products on the store shelves and at home could prevent kids from being tempted to try them as they get older.