Some Augusta County Residents Say Raise Taxes to Save Education

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Budget proposals out of Richmond has people in Augusta County speaking out.

It's because of the effects proposed cuts could have on education.

Scores of parents, educators and students addressed the Augusta County Board of Supervisors Wednesday night at the Government Center in Verona.

Parents say they want to pay more taxes in order to save athletic programs, teachers and other things from being cut.

No one spoke against the idea of raising taxes during the meeting.

A group, who call themselves the 'Coalition to Support Our Schools' got more than 1,000 people to sign a petition in favor of raising taxes by 10 cents.

"That's only nine less trips to a fast food restaurant, a modified Netflix plan, and it's only 51 cents a day out of a family budget. It's time that we at the local level take care of our own, and stop passing the buck to the state level," said Jenny Hildebrand, co-chair of the Coalition to Support Our Schools.

At the end of the comment period, Chairman Tracy Pyles said
all of the speeches were very touching and meaningful.

Supervisor Marshall Pattie wanted to people to understand that cuts at the state level has not passed yet.

The House and Senate are revising Governor Bob McDonnell's budget.