Unrest in Egypt Prompts Valley Residents to Take Action

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The unrest in Egypt is having an impact on Valley residents.

About 40 people came out to Court Square in downtown Harrisonburg Friday night to support Egyptians and speak out against the injustice.

They say it's time for change and peace.

"We as a Middle Easterns have suffered a lot for many years," says Pishdar Mirawdali.

Mirawdali came to America from Iraq and has been here for 13 years.

He says he understands what the people of Egypt are going through.

"I'm a Kurd, I lived in Kurdistan, Iraq and Saddam (Hussein), he punishes us for nothing. I t is only freedom we ask for, which is a very basic right," explains Mirawdali.

Protesters want an end to President Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule.

Valley residents say they want to stand with those seeking freedom and democracy.

Even the youngest out of the crowd voiced his concerns.

"I wish Hosni Mubarak goes down because he killed his world. He kills people like Saddam (Hussein) did and he doesn't do the right thing all the time," says ten-year old Abdallah Ali.

"This is their country so they wanted to take care of their country and to be, to feel the democracy and the freedom," says Nasser Alsaadun.

Others are not backing down.

"It's our civic duty to not only stand up for our own rights but to stand up for equality and democracy, which I believe they are universal rights for everyone in this world," says C.J. Ritchie.

After several people voiced their concerns, the group walked around Court Square to signify unity.