Valley School Asks Parents to Help 'Contain Head Lice'

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AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) -- If your child is scratching their head more than usual, it may be due to more than a difficult math problem.

Parents at Clymore Elementary School in Fort Defiance received a letter alerting them that their help was needed to "contain head lice."

Vanessa Mundie, the assistant principal at the school said that this is a general letter and would not confirm if there is an actual case of lice at the school.

Dr Greg Jesteadt with Harrisonburg Family Practice said that head lice thrive in areas like elementary schools, where children are always close together.

"You're that close to other people, that's how the lice can get to you. It's really a proximity thing. Close contact makes it even more likely, actual contact more likely or even just sitting next to somebody," explained Jesteadt.

He also said that the first sign of lice is itching and that if you find yourself near someone with lice, quickly wash yourself and your clothes to prevent an infestation.