Virginia Targets Sex Trafficking

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This week a new law will go into effect making sex trafficking a felony.
Just last year, Virginia received a "D" grade from Shared Hope International, a non-profit group targeting sex trafficking worldwide.

That's because abduction laws were used to prosecute sex trafficking perpetrators. Now, Virginia courts can access the new stand-alone sex trafficking law and penalties. This law would have been useful last year in Harrisonburg when a brothel ring bust landed two in jail.

Sabrina Dorman-Andrew, director of a local non-profit which seeks to target sex trafficking, says this law will go a long way in helping preventing such cases,"I think the biggest message is that it is not just someone else's child. It isn't just an issue that is somewhere else. It could be one of our children. It could happen, It does happen in small communities."

This law goes into effect this Wednesday.