Yancey Hosts Open House, Hopes for Volunteers

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Driving down Route 250, the signs outside the Preston Yancey Volunteer Fire Department say it all: "Volunteers Needed."

On Saturday, Fire Chief Robert Gomez opened the station's doors to the community, hoping to drum up some interest.

"There's just not a lot of people out there that actually want to volunteer. So hopefully, with this open house here, we can invite the community and say we still need your help," says Gomez.

The station needs help getting the number of volunteers up to four per shift, which is the number required by insurance rating standards.

"We're at least getting an additional three, sometimes four at a time on a run," adds Gomez.

Community member and president of the Emerald Hills Homeowner's Association, Kurt Michael, also came to take the tour. He says it's easy to drive by the station without a second glance, but an open house will force people to take notice.

"By bringing visibility, that will help community interest and, hopefully, start encouraging others to get involved," comments Michael.

He says people need to remember these community heroes are community members and volunteers.

"They work 40 hours a week, and then they come in and give 30 hours to the fire department," says Michael.

The fire department trains once a week and has about 13 active volunteers with a goal of getting ten more.

"We want to make sure that they're successful," adds Michael.