Local Attraction Collecting Supplies for West Virginia

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STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) -- The Valley is sending help to West Virginia after a chemical leak contaminated a large part of the state's water supply.

The Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton has been receiving donations of water, baby wipes and paper plates.

The supplies will be sent to areas of West Virginia to those who still can't use their water.

Justin Reiter, the director of marketing said the idea popped up on Facebook and it took off from there.

"There were some concerned citizens that saw that our neighbors are in need, and they wanted to help in any way they possibly could. And water and baby wipes and five-gallon buckets all of a sudden started showing up," said Reiter.

Reiter said the supplies will be picked up tomorrow and taken to parts of West Virginia where the do-not-use order has not yet been lifted.