Preparing for Prison

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Harrisonburg resident Abi Miller is one of 10,000 people who protested against the School of the Americas in Georgia in July.

The school is run by the U.S. Army. It's designed to train Latin American citizens, soldiers and police.

Opponents say it teaches torture, extortion, and execution. School officials say that's not true.

Miller was found guilty of trespassing on the Fort Benning Army base. She says she and others took action to stop terrorism and it's ironic that they are the ones headed to prison.

"Just as we mourn the victims who were killed at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon last year, we need to also be conscious of victims every where and that's what we're trying to do by crossing the line at Fort Benning," said Miller.

She will return home in December.

Three other Valley residents were also arrested at the protest. David O'Niel and Lee Sturgis of Elkton are serving probation sentences. Peter Gelderloos of Harrisonburg is serving six months in prison.