First Ever Virginia Wine Summit Highlights Industry Impact

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The very first Virginia Wine Summit kicks off Tuesday morning in Richmond.

Organizers describe the day as "the most comprehensive wine and food seminar in Virginia that will offer a variety of ideas on what is trending in the national as well as local wine and food scene."

Governor Bob McDonnell's office says the wine industry accounts for about $747 million each year to the state's economy.

That is something that certainly does not surprise local winery owners.

Jim Bogaty, Owner of Veramar Vineyard says, "I think the Governor has stepped forward doing a great job of bringing people in to understand not only Virginia agriculture but Virginia wines, showcasing the beauty of Virginia. So not only now can you see Virginia's beauty and you can partake in Virginia's history but now you can taste the great wines Virginia has to offer."

The governor and his wife are hosting this sold out event.

Bogaty says the big impact of Virginia's wine industry has to do with both agriculture and tourism.

He tells TV3, "...The wine industry coming in and beginning to step up the production is preserving that agriculture. The second thing that's important is tourism. So people love to come visit wineries, see the beauty of Virginia, look at the lush vineyards growing grapes, have a good time and have a little wine."