Drugs and Gangs in the Valley

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Gangs and drugs were the topics of discussion today for many Valley leaders. The Commonwealth's Attorney for Harrisonburg and Rockingham County is educating the public about the problems and how the fight against them is going.

To date local law enforcement has recovered more than a million dollars in drug money from dealers. But local law enforcement still needs your eyes and ears.

Marsha Garst, the Commonwealth's Attorney for Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, reminds us that gangs main focus is to make money. One of their main sources is selling methemphetamine.40 percent of the meth in Virginia is trafficked through Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. She says if you see anything suspicious, don't hesitate to call police.

"If we are not proactive and we do not send the message that you are not welcome here, then they will be able to stand in the middle of our street and say I run this town," says Garst.

Garst says part of sending that message, that gangs are not welcome, involves reporting gang graffiti. That way, it can quickly be cleaned up.