Surprising Explosion Still Under Investigation

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Initial signs are leaning towards a gas explosion for the big bang that was felt throughout the surrounding areas in Stephens City, shocking everyone, including officials.

"We've never in the time I've been in Frederick County experience an explosion this," says Deputy Chief Dennis Linaburg of the Frederick County Fire Marshal's Office.

"We thought that an airplane had landed on our roof," says neighbor Melissa Pettie. "I looked up at our sky lights to see if there was something out there."

"Everybody was on their porch," remembered Patrick Buckingham of Stephens City. "It was like it was right next door."

Patrick Buckingham was almost two miles away from Monday night's explosion at 126 Buchanan Drive.

"It was huge," says Buckingham. "Like I said it woke me up out of a dead sleep."

Preliminary reports lean towards a gas explosion that left the male victim in the house in serious condition, although no leaks were found.

"There's no evidence of gas leaks or no reports of history of gas leaks in this particular residence and we had no gas complaints," says Tim Sergeant of Shenandoah Gas.

Crews are still sifting through the mess to figure out just what happened. "A big blast that left 11 homes uninhabitable and thirty-seven effected by last nights big blast.

"Some of the ones in close proximity to the house are in pretty bad shape and would need considerable repair to occupy," said John Trenary of Frederick County Inspections Department.

Three families were displaced from the explosion and were put up by the local Red Cross. The victims name still has not been released. Officials are not ruling out possible charges for the blast.