3-D Printing at JMU Available to Many

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV)-- 3-D Printing is a powerful technology, and at JMU they pride themselves on having that technology readily available.

3-D printing has numerous capabilities from building houses, to something as simple as making someone's initials.

The 3-Space at JMU allows any class that registers to have access to the classroom and the 3-D printers --not just the math and science disciplines.

This is powerful because it allows teachers from all disciplines, to apply the technology to their classes.

"We try to have as much open access as we can...so that people from all over campus can come in and get a taste for 3-D printing," said Daniel Robinson, who helps run the facility.

"So it gives faculty an opportunity to think through, no matter what discipline they're in, how 3-D printing could help in their field," said Jamie Calcagno-Roach, who helps train faculty to use the 3-D printers.

3-D printing is changing our world, and JMU is trying to make sure it is at the forefront of the technology.