911 Call for Tiger Bite

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A 16-year-old girl is recovering at the University of Virginia Medical Center Monday after a tiger bit her. It happened at the Luray Zoo and Reptile Jungle Sunday afternoon.

Maj. Russell Montgomery, Page County Sheriff's Office, says the victim is an employee of the zoo.

The sheriff's office got an emergency call just after 2:00 p.m. Sunday. Montgomery says it was a five-year-old Bengal tiger that bit the employee.

The victim was flown to the UVA Medical Center. Montgomery says she had severe injuries on her left hand and arm. It's unclear what led to the tiger attacking the employee.

WHSV News 3 obtained a copy of the 911 tape. Below is a transcript:

911: "Page County 911. Where is your emergency?"
Caller: "Um, can you please send an ambulance out to Luray Zoo for possible..."
911: "What happened? Ma'am? What happened? What happened?"
Caller: "Um, our tiger actually bit one of our staff."
911: "OK. Can you tell me how bad?"
Caller: "It's bad. She's lost a finger."
911: "OK. How old is she?"
Caller: "Uh, 16."
911: "Sixteen? Ok. Is she conscious right now?"
Caller: "I'm sorry?"
911: "Is she conscious right now?"
Caller: "Yes."
911: "OK, we'll dispatch the squad. If anything changes call me back."
Caller: "All right."
911: "Bye bye."

Managers at the zoo declined to comment Monday about what's being done with the tiger, but they did say that the employee is doing well.

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