Ladybug Infestation

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There's plenty of solitude here, a beautiful mountain home far from the city where no one bothers you, except bugs. Sure, you expect a few insects if you live in the country, but Denise VanMeter has way more than a few.

"We have ladybugs everywhere. They're about to drive me crazy. Its like thousands and thousands of them all over my house. You can’t even walk outside for one minute without your body being covered", says VanMeter.

Fortunately today was cloudy, and Denise tells me when the sun comes out, that's when they swarm

Denise has tried to take back her home by force. Her arsenal includes fly swatters, bug spray, and even her vacuum cleaner. But even these aren't enough.

"I've tried an exterminator and it just put yellow streaks all over my siding. I've not found anything to get rid of them", says VanMeter.

The bugs keep coming, literally out of the woodwork. This isn't the first time for Denise; she's seen them before, every year between September and October, on sunny days.