Valley Family Forum Hosts Salute to the Family

A nationally syndicated radio talk show host speaking at James Madison University Thursday night says America is out of touch with family values.

The Valley Family Forum, in partnership with the Family Foundation of Virginia, held the eighth Annual Shenandoah Valley Salute to the Family.

The organization advocates for the freedom of religious expression and traditional families. The keynote speaker was radio talk show and television host Janet Parshall.

She provided a national perspective on family issues, and says America's strength is in its families.

"We have to go back and protect the family, but it isn't just divorce, it's this new wave of attempting to define the family basically as anything we want it to be, and in the end, how does that serve the best interest of the child," asks Parshall. "If in fact, as some people say, it takes a village to raise the child. I think the village needs to remember what's best for the child, and that's Mom and Dad."

In 2005, President George W. Bush selected Parshall to represent the White House as a delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.