Staunton Salvage Yard Worried About Cash for Clunkers

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Not everyone thinks the Cash for Clunkers program is a good idea.

While the owner of a clunker may get a $4,500 rebate to trade in their car to a dealership, an automotive salvage yard can't compete.

The owners of B & A Auto Parts, Staunton, expects their valuable merchandise to dwindle.

The Cash for Clunkers program requires dealerships to destroy the engine and drive train in the clunker vehicle as part of an effort to remove gas guzzlers from the road.

Those expensive parts are among the ones which salvage yards most depend to earn money.

"If this program keeps running, we're not going to have used parts to sell. It's going to hurt us, and it's going to hurt the average everyday person," says Angela Ingram, of B & A Auto Parts.

Ingram says the consumer will have less used parts available and might be forced to purchase new from a dealership.

"For me to find a replacement used engine, I would probably be looking at $700 to $800. For me to go to the dealership to buy a new one, you're probably looking at $4,000," says Ingram.

She's not sure how the program will effect business in the long run. Ingram and her husband, who both own and operate the business, fear this program may put them out of business.