Learning English Through Scrabble

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A group of Scrabble players are on a mission to gain players instead of points.

The Learn English and Reading Now organization, or LEARN, is using the board game as a tool to teach the English language to people in the Valley.

The program is for anyone who wants to join in on the game, but is is especially aimed at those from foreign countries or anyone who didn't receive the help they needed in school. LEARN provides free one-on-one tutoring to anyone who wants it.

President of LEARN Sharon Vanname wants to reach out to as many people as possible, but says there are some obstacles.

"Our problem is that its hard to get potential clients because they're folks that either don't read or don't speak English. It's hard to communicate with them," says Vanname. "It's hard to let them know we are here and that we have folks that can provide some help for them."

Two Scrabble games are held each month in two locations. The first, in Waynesboro, takes place at Stone Soup on the second Saturday of the month.

You can also play the Staunton crew at Coffee on the Corner on the fourth Thursday of every month.