High Speed Chase Settled

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Swao was injured when a Harrisonburg Police cruiser crashed into her home during a high speed car chase through her neighborhood. Last March a Harrisonburg city police officer was pursuing a car in a high speed chase when he drove into Dorothy Swao's apartment.

Swao was severely injured and officer Brian Latuga no longer worked for the HPD. The Harrisonburg Police Department conducted an investigation and after that investigation was completed it was turned over to the commonwealth attorney's office.

Tuesday, the city manager received word that a settlement had been reached and he says both parties were satisfied.

"I talked with the representative at the Virginia Municipal League Insurance this morning and was advised that a settlement had been reached but that the terms of the settlement are that the amount of the settlement was not to be disclosed," says City Manager Roger Baker.

WHSV tried to get in contact with a member of Swao's family but no one was available for comment. We also tried to speak with representatives from VML Insurance to get the details of the settlement, but no one returned our phone calls.