Capito to Co-Sponsor Alternative Health Care Bill

On Thursday, Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., announced that she will join a group of her congressional colleagues in sponsoring alternative legislation to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's, D-Cal., newly announced health care bill.

Capito will co-sponsor the Medical Rights and Reform Act of 2009, which creates an inter-state market for health insurance, allows young adults to access their parent's insurance and encourages enhanced attention to wellness initiatives. Among other reforms, the bill also includes meaningful tort reform and ensures that no federal bureaucrat can come between a patient and their doctor.

Capito says, "I've continued to say that West Virginians deserve true bipartisan reforms that improve access to care and provide assistance for those truly in need.

"Our bill takes a responsible step in that direction and I'm proud to join my colleagues in offering a common sense plan that improves our health care system without breaking the bank of American taxpayers."

Regarding Thursday's announcement from Pelosi, Capito says West Virginians deserve better than the Majority's 1,990 page, trillion dollar bill.

Capito says, "The Speaker's bill will cost taxpayers nearly a trillion dollars, will hike taxes on small businesses and rely on nearly $500 billion in cuts to Medicare to finance further government intrusion into our health care system.

"It's bad enough that we're talking about an official $900-billion price tag, but it simply defies logic to expect the American people to believe that the cost won't balloon beyond the trillion dollar mark."

Capito also criticized Pelosi's omission of well-known expenses like the doctor payment fix.