JMU Students Host Health Expo

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Some James Madison University students aren't having their regular classes this week because they're carrying out a project they've been working on for months.

There are about 40 JMU seniors in the course, which is Health Program Planning and Evaluation.

The students are spending this week raising awareness about sexual health, traffic safety, and substance use and abuse around campus.

The students are split into groups for the project, with each group working on things such as budgeting and promotions.

They're handing out free information and statistics, offering prizes, and hosting group discussions and movies.

The students say many of their peers aren't aware of the things that go on at college campuses.

"It's important for us as health students to begin our experience before our future starts in order to tell them what the problems are, how we can make them better, and really what the statistics are that are actually shocking that I don't think a lot of people know about," says Rachel Vangeison, a JMU senior in the course.

On Tuesday night, the class is hosting an interactive event called "You, Your Partner, and STIs." On Wednesday night, they'll be showing the movie "The Making of a Hangover."