Hanger Support

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After what Republicans are calling a close and heated race, will Hanger have the support he needs for November's election?

Anne Taetzch, chair of the Staunton Republicans, was a Scott Sayre supporter.

Now that the primary is over, she says she's giving her support to Emmett Hanger.

"Now republicans are banding together, we have an excellent candidate in Senator Emmett Hanger and we are throwing our full weight behind him," says Taetzch.

Thats not what Taetzch was saying a few weeks ago.

She spoke against Hanger in a TV ad saying "Hanger promised not to raise taxes, then he broke his word."

Now she says, "It’s easy to back a candidate. We're all in the same party. We all come together. Emmett Hanger is a conservative. Did I agree with him on his tax vote in 2004? No I didn't."

Rockingham County Chair Mike Meredith also spoke out against hanger in campaign TV ads, saying "Emmett Hanger backed in-state tuition for illegal aliens."

With Sayre out of the picture he says Hanger will still be the right choice for Republicans in the fall.

"When it comes down to it, its going to be very hard to find a Republican that’s going to be way worse than a Democrat in Richmond right now."

Taetzch says Hanger may improve as a candidate, especially after his close race in the primary.

"I think that send a clear signal that people in the valley do want change. I believe Senator Emmett Hanger will listen to his constituents. And he will take back to Richmond the message that is being sent."

Republicans agree the important thing is that they are united now and that Hanger will be ready to face Libertarian Arin Sime, and Democrat David Cox in November.