Storms Cause Budget Concerns

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Icy conditions caused hazardous roadways Friday morning.

Public Works Departments around the Valley monitored weather conditions, and crews were on standby for quite some time.

Both the Public Works Department in Harrisonburg and the Virginia Department of Transportation did not treat the roads overnight.

However, Harrisonburg officials are nearing the limits of their budget. Street Superintendent Ken Knight says they've already spent more than 70 percent of about a $230,000 budget.

He says, "We're getting to the point where we're getting a little low on funds, but there'll be funds available to combat whatever emergencies that would come up. Right now, if things stay as they are, we're going to be pushing rather closely."

Knight is hoping the freezing temperatures turn around. They're keeping a close eye on bridges, and other problem roads.

Knight says it is possible to spend more than what was budgeted, as the emergency situation takes precedence.