Harrisonburg Doctor Reacts to Health Care Reform

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Doctor Andrew Blay of Harrisonburg runs a clinic where he doesn't make appointments, he sees anybody that walks in for a flat rate of $50, and doesn't bother asking for insurance.

He's been a doctor for 30 years, and opened this reduced cost clinic 8 years ago because he didn't like the system.

"I'd spend more than half the visit with a patient talking about their insurance," said Blay.

He says his clinic affords him more time to talk about the patient's ailment.

With health reform possibly extending insurance to 30 million more American's, Dr. Blay could see his clientele shrink as well as his income.

He says reform is worth it.

"I'm willing to make a sacrifice if a few of those people who can't get medical care can get it. There is clearly a ton of people that make too much money to get assistance and not enough money to see a doctor, and that's not fair," said Blay.